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ADA Info

Frequently Asked Questions about ramps and ADA - the Americans with Disabilities Act of 1990:

Does Roll-A-Ramp® comply with ADA guidelines?
Roll-A-Ramp® is unique because it can be built to any length desired. Roll-A-Ramp® is flexible in that it can be built to ADA specifications 12:1 (1 foot of ramp per 1 inch of rise). Because it is a portable ramp, it is not required to comply with ADA guidelines. However, all systems are safe and secure.

Does the ramp for my home need to meet ADA standards?
In short, no. ADA specifications apply to permanent ramps on commercial property. An evaluation is done to assure you receive the right ramp solution for your unique need.

How long should I build my ramp?
ADA guidelines require ramps to have 1-foot of length per 1-inch of rise. However, this length is typically not needed in most locations nor is it feasible in most home locations. Ramp length will depend on your situation and your individual need. Please contact Roll-A-Ramp® for questions or a recommendation.

Please call for a full evaluation before purchasing a ramp.
Roll-A-Ramp® will provide personal evaluations over the phone at NO COST. If you are able to email us photos of your home or location where access is needed, it will help us better visualize what you are trying to accomplish. We genuinely care about helping our customers with their accessibility needs. This means we will take our time to make sure we understand the access situation rather than simply selling a product off the shelf. Roll-A-Ramp® ramps can be adapted to meet most accessibility needs, where other products may be limited to more standard applications with less flexibility.

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(This information has been provided to Roll-A-Ramp by independent third parties and is shared as a resource for those who visit our site.)

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(This information has been provided to Roll-A-Ramp by independent third parties and is shared as a resource for those who visit our site.)

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