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Occasionally, we have the fortune of being able to develop an idea that has merit for many people. Hopefully many of our ideas will assist making our jobs easier and safer. With this in mind, Donald J. Schmaltz developed the concept of a ramp that would roll up. The first challenge was to design a ramp that would be easily portable, lightweight, and strong enough for the purpose intended. The second challenge was to design a ramp that would roll-up so it could be used in tight quarters. Thus the Roll-A-Ramp® was created as a sketch on paper. After sitting on the idea for a year, Don approached his friend Tom Kenville and presented the idea to him. We began experimenting by designing a number of wooden models and based on our results we felt the idea had strong possibilities. Engineering development was done by Dr. Joseph Stanislao, P.E.

With the assistance of Bruce Gjovig, Director of the Center for Innovation at the University of North Dakota, a market survey was completed. This provided positive feedback and encouragement to continue pursuing the project. We then began to pursue funding to build a prototype. Our initial funding came from the three partners, Donald J. Schmaltz, Thomas E. Kenville, and Dr. Joseph Stanislao, P.E. with additional funds received from the Lake Agassiz Regional Council in the form of a mini grant.

Dr. Joseph Stanislao's major contribution was the engineering design and developing structural integrity in the Roll-A-Ramp®. He created the functional design and improved the strength-weight ratio in order to make the ramp a producible and marketable product. He continues to conduct the research and development for DT&J, Inc.

Once initial funding was in place, Tom contacted Jim Balcom, who has developed several inventions of his own, and Mark Neary, a machinist, enlisting their expertise. While the prototypes were being developed, Jim Balcom did additional research on existing patents and patent procedures. With all these elements being favorable, DT&J, Inc. became a reality.

The Roll-A-Ramp® has become a reality. And it is with pride that this reality is a product of North Dakota.


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