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Portable Ramps

Roll-A-Ramp® is the most portable and versatile ramp available.  Four widths are available which can be built to the length you need.  This is an excellent alternative to expensive chair lifts or permanent wooden ramps.  Roll-A-Ramp® is also great for anyone looking for a superior quality access ramp for wheelchairs, scooters, walkers or any use.

Unique features of Roll-A-Ramp® portable ramps: 

  • Lightweight & Strong - Aircraft 6061-Aluminum supports up to 1,000 pounds or 2,000 pounds for the 12" twin track ramps
  • Portable - Roll it up and take it with you
  • Warranty - 10-year warranty on ramps
  • Versatile - Any size, Any time
  • Split ramp into multiple sections with Quick Release Pins






Ramp Length Calculator

Available Widths:

12" - For very wide chairs or heavy cargo. 12" ramps are sold as pairs. Also called Twin Track.
*spacers are available to hold ramps together* 

26" - Suitable for mini-van use and narrower chairs or walkers

30" - Standard size for most applications

36" - For public applications or very large chairs

Unique Design
- Patented link construction means you will never have the wrong size ramp. Simply add additional links to change length with the simple tools provided with your ramp. Just roll it up and go!


Ramp links can be seperated into multiple sectionr     tool kit and owners manual for roll-a-rampwoman loading rolled-up ramp into car trunk  man holding rolled-up ramp


NEVER PERMANENT — No matter how the system is configured; short portable ramp to extensive modular ramp to vehicle mounted application, your Roll-A-Ramp® ALWAYS remains portable. If your situation changes? No problem for Roll-A-Ramp®. Change it to meet your needs. Unlike permanent wooden ramps, you do not need a building permit to put a Roll-A-Ramp® at your home.

Versatile — One Portable Ramp — Many Uses. Use the same portable ramp to go from home to friends to vehicle with ease. No need to purchase multiple ramps.

• Homes / Apartments
• Vans
• Trucks
• Boats
• Airplanes
• Churches
• Schools
• Restaurants
• Hotels
• Appointments

Aluminum Ramp Handrails are also available for added security.                                    Click here to view more handrail pictures


Traction and safety in any weather. Every ramp includes angled approach plates on each end for smooth entry and exit                           

 12" Twin Track Ramps and single ramps (26" - 30" - 36") can be custom built to the length you need. Add or remove links as your needs change.

12" Twin Track ramps rolled-up and laid flat  30" Ramp pictured rolled-up and laid flat


     Set up and take down of portable ramp


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