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Graber Testimonial

After spending six months recovering from a stroke in a nursing home in New York, Doug Graber’s mother wanted more than anything to move back to her home.

Despite months of physical therapy and treatment, stairs were not possible for her to navigate so Doug and his brothers realized that they needed a safe ramp to help make their mother’s return home possible. While there would be some caregivers coming to the house, they knew that they would need to transport her to appointments for further treatment.

“The ramp paid for itself,”
Doug, a CPA and financial consultant says. “It was much less expensive to buy a high-quality ramp that we knew was safe than to pay for professionals to come to the house to carry her up and down the stairs each time she needed to go somewhere.” Living on Long Island where winters can be cold, icy, and messy, Doug immediately felt good about how the ramp held up to weather.

Visiting nurses and physical therapists all noticed the ramp and asked about it.
“They all commented on what a high-quality ramp we installed and they were amazed that it was a portable ramp as well.”



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