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Howard Rosten believes in the mission of Roll-A-Ramp. Howard is the Information and Referral Manager for SMILES Center for Independent Living in Mankato, Minnesota, and works every day to make sure that those with disabilities who want to achieve greater independence can access the tools and skills to help them “pursue meaningful goals and enjoy the same opportunities” that other members of their communities do. “As a non-profit,” Howard explains, “we get lots of requests from folks for temporary ramps.” SMILES has about $75,000 worth of Roll-A-Ramp sections and accessories and at any given time more than 90% of it is in use for families and individuals who need safe, temporary ramps to make their lives easier. “I used to use dock sections for ramps when we started 25 years ago, but when I discovered Roll-A-Ramp I started to build our inventory of their great portable ramps.” A key driver of decisions at SMILES is the safety of their clients. “The way the ramps are engineered, the sections allow rain and snow to fall through. They have a grippy texture so in bad weather it’s still a very safe surface.”

While semi-stationary due to the size, this ramp system can still be taken down at any time and put into storage or to set-upto another home. Because it is not permanent, a building permit is not needed to set up the ramp system. The ramp can be split into shorter sections and the handrail sections can remain assembled. The support stands can also be adjusted to different heights based on need.
Roll-A-Ramp is proud to be Always Portable and NEVER Permanent!

Pictured ramp system includes:
30" wide x 25' long portable ramp
Removable Handrail kits (two 5' and two 4' per side)
Short support stands (adjust 10"-13.25")
Long support stands (adjust 15.75"-21.5")
X-Long support stands (adjust 23.5-35")

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