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Aluminum Handrails

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Roll-A-Ramp® Removable Aluminum Handrails were designed with three factors in mind:

  * Safety and Security - To protect against falls and aid in walking or in a wheelchair
  * Durability and Quality - To not rust or corrode
  * Portability and Ease of Install - To be easily installed and removed removed quickly

All Roll-A-Ramp® systems are designed around these principles to maintain our high standard of commitment to quality and service to our customers.



Ramp handrails are easily installed on to your Roll-A-Ramp®, and can be removed for storage or transport - making your ramp system portable.

Portable and Versatile: For example, handrails can be installed on to your ramp and if you choose to take them off, relocate, or store the ramp, or need to remove them for getting access to the ramp from the side - No Problem! Handrails can be added at any time and are interchangable from one ramp to another.

one bolt to secure bracket and one bolt to secure rail in bracket

Ease of Intallation: 
Hook-on style brackets require 1-bolt installation. This is a one time installation as brackets remain secured to ramp.
Handrail inserts into brackets and tightened.


-  All aluminum construction
-  Heavy duty and lightweight
-  Protective coating – Will not rust or corrode
-  Ease of Installation, no special tools needed
-  Ease of removal for portability
-  High-quality bracket construction for unsurpassed strength
-  Durable enough to last a lifetime


     Two options are available for the end of your handrails:  
      1) Straight End (no loops)
  This is the more economical option and, in many cases, will accommodate  most needs.

 2) Loop Ends
 This option spans the entire length of the ramp
While this option costs a little more it has the added security for the user to grab onto the loop extension.


View Online Album to see additional handrail pictures.

  Roll-A-Ramp with platform and handrails in front of home  

  hook-on bracket attaches to siderail of the ramp   one bolt to secure bracket and one bolt to secure rail in bracket   large bolt, small bolt, nut, hook-on bracket


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