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Unique Features

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Roll-A-Ramp® has many Unique Features. While other companies make portable ramps for accessibility, Roll-A-Ramp® touts several unique features that may help in your decision in choosing which ramp to buy.

Rolls Up: It's all in the name! The Roll-A-Ramp® is just like it sounds: A ramp that rolls up. The highly engineered design allows the ramp to roll up, just like a sleeping bag. It will only roll one way, and when the ramp is unrolled and laid out it is very sturdy!

       Roll-A-Ramp will easily roll up to fit in the back of a vehicle    

Link Construction:
The Roll-A-Ramp® is built in links, which allows us to custom make the length you need! Ramps are available in four widths and can be virtually any length in 1 or 1/2 foot increments. This also allows you to have multiple ramps in one. Separate a longer ramp with Quick Release Pins and bring a shorter ramp with you on the go!



Lightweight and Sturdy: Roll-A-Ramp® is made from 6061 Aircraft Aluminum with a T6 Rockwell hardness. This means a superior weight to capactity ratio. Ramps will average 4-6 pounds per foot making them easy to set-up and carry. For example, A 30" wide x 8' long ramp will weigh only 41 pounds yet will support 1,000 pounds!



Placement Options: Because Roll-A-Ramp® is so versatile, there are multiple options for placing your ramp. This versatility allows you to use Roll-A-Ramp® just about anywhere!

 Ramp with standard placement in front of house.  Ramp with load-bearing approach plate   Ramp over a threshold.

    Ramp in front of mobile medical trailer.   Ramp with load-bearing reducer approach plate going into a van.


10-Year Warranty: We believe in our product so much that we offer a 10-year warranty on our ramps! If anything goes wrong with your ramp (if a piece bends or breaks etc.) we will replace it hassle-free at no cost to you. We are able to do this because the failure rate is so low. To the best of our knowledge, no other ramp company offers a warranty this long.


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