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Wheelchair Ramp / Scooter Ramp

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Roll-A-Ramp® offers a one-of-a-kind portable ramp for easy & convenient scooter, wheelchair, and disability access into homes, buildings, vans and more. The ramp can be separated into shorter sections, it is easy to use, and simple to set up or take down. Made from 6061 Aircraft Aluminum, the average weight is 5-pounds per 1-foot of ramp.

Roll-A-Ramp® is where Strength and Flexibility Meet! Your ramp will always be portable and never permanent. It rolls up like a sleeping bag for convenient storage and portability.  Our ramps are the perfect solution for people who want an alternative option to heavy, inconvenient, or permanent ramps. This aluminum ramp can be built to comply with ADA standards if needed.

Wheelchair ramps and scooter ramps are custom made to the length you need for your individual situation. We do not believe in hard selling so we will work with you to determine the right ramp for your needs.

How to determine ramp length: CLICK HERE

Available Ramp Sizes (each width can be built to any length in 1-foot increments)
26-inch wide
30-inch wide
36-inch wide
48-inch wide
12-inch wide (pairs)

Homes – Public Buildings – Visiting – Appointments – Restaurants – RVs – take the Roll-A-Ramp® portable ramp with you wherever you need it.

  • Lightweight: 8’ x 30” portable ramp weighs only 41 pounds
  • Strong: Supports 1,000 lbs
  • Durable Aircraft 6061 Aluminum, Rockwell T6 hardness
  • 10-Year Warranty on Ramp (Lifetime warranty for Veterans)
  • Versatile: Add length or separate into shorter sections for easier handling
  • Flexible: Take a section off a longer ramp, add an Approach Plate and use as a second shorter ramp to take with you. When you get home, simply hook it back on.


two boys riding up a Roll-A-Ramp in their wheelchairs     man going down ramp in manual wheelchair

Boy rolls up ramp in powerchair        Adult man rolls up ramp in his powerchair
Ramp is tested by children and adults at Rehacare Medical Tradeshow in Dusseldorf, Germany.

Roll-A-Ramp with handrails in the snow      Roll-A-Ramp has ridges to prevent slipping
Roll-A-Ramp® will hold up in any weather.  Ramp can be left outside all winter without worry about rusting.
Snow on top will pass through or can be brushed off and the treads allow for slip-free movement.


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